About Us
About Us

Understanding that logistics today requires a more in-depth engagement between the shipper and their provider, Agile uses its expertise and experience to partner with our customers ensuring the efficient flow of inputs, warehousing and outputs throughout the supply chain. Product flow from the perspective of both cost control and visibility helps drive efficiency into the network of sourcing materials through to the final delivery to the customer.

We have evolved into a company based on understanding the needs of our customers to build a logistics model to lower costs, reduced transit time and safe delivery of their products. Our entrepreneurial spirit involves being engaged through every level of responsibility through our customer’s supply chain. For example, Agile understands that not every customer wants their freight handled by a 3PL and that is why we also represent asset based transportation companies providing solutions our customers require. Our flexibility is why we are different and how we derived our name “Agile”. Our competitors attempt to fit every customer into “their model” whereas we roll up our sleeves and find the best solution with our customer’s participation. We will execute the solution with our resources from inception and follow throughout our customer’s supply chain. Our customer will have the confidence in Agile so they can focus on their core competency; their business.

Agile started with the mandate to bring a different approach to the non asset value proposition to our customers. Our organization has engaged industry leaders from transportation companies as well as those representing the shipping industry that helps us apply both perspectives to the solutions we offer.

With Agile, you will find our approach and our methodology a fresh alternative providing quantitative results that will benefit your bottom line. Call Agile today to discuss how we can help your company!


Agile Team