Driver Productivity Optimization

Agile provides a P & D driver remuneration model to restructure your current hourly pay package to a productivity related compensation plan. We can provide a proven method to allow driver’s to increase their take home pay, reduce cost and fleet size. Whether you are converting a company fleet to owner operators or want to have your pay relate directly to revenue, Agile’s model has proven results.

How do we help?

We create the dashboard model based on your current driver productivity from your transportation software or daily run sheets and apply it to various incentive plans to create a variable cost based on productivity. Improve your bottom line with less trucks, higher productivity and better pay for drivers who work hard.

Additional services include:

  • Agile will administer driver payroll services which include gross pay including accessorial charges.
  • Conversion of company fleet to owner operators including vehicle purchasing, eliminating fleet insurance and administration for general fleet maintenance such as CVOR, licensing etc.

Additional Benefits:

  • Reduce emissions and improve sustainability by reducing fleet size and lowering your environmental impact.
  • More productive driving fleets with happier drivers earning more money.